The video featured below is going to break your heart for sure, especially if you are a dog lover. Many people tend to forget that pets are our family. When you bring them into your home, it is not a temporary thing. They are there to stay. This touching video clearly shows what it is like abandoning a pet.

The film shows an adorable girl being adopted into a family. She loves her new home and is happy to be there. Her parents are happy too, until she starts misbehaving and becomes a bit hard to control. However, instead of working on the problem and teaching her how to behave properly, the family decides to abandon her. They leave her out on the streets like she is nothing. You are going to get chills when you see what happens at the end. Your pets depend on you like a child does. If you cannot tend to them, they are better off without you.

Check out this short movie below!

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