Seven years is a good chunk of a decade. Dahlia the pit bull has been living at the Santa Barbara Humane Society in California for seven years now. She had come to the shelter when she was just six months old, but she has lived a great part of her life at the shelter itself.

After her owner didn’t look after her, she was taken to the shelter. She hasn’t been adopted by anybody since she got there, and that is 2,531 days! The people at the shelter are working tirelessly to find Dahlia a forever home. In order to help with their efforts, they even posted a picture of her sitting next to a sign. Anyone with a heart can feel for this poor dog!

Setting records is always an exciting thing, but having the record for the dog that stayed at a shelter the longest isn’t the best record to have. Sadly, that’s Dahlia’s reality. Dahlia is best suited in homes that has no other pets.

Dogs live to be 10 to 13 years on average, so that means Dahlia has spent almost half her life at the shelter. She deserves to live the rest of it in a loving home, so do spread the word about this adorable pooch!

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