Meet Alida. This little girl was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI) after she was born. The condition makes her unable to breath without the help of an oxygen tube. Her parents started noticing that even simple things like a walk in the park was a big difficulty to their little girl. Alida couldn’t drag around the heavy equipment on her own; she got exhausted quite fast.

But that’s when they heard about service dogs. They decided to adopt one. That is how Mr. Gibbs came into Alida’s life. The beautiful goldendoodle is trained to look after the little girl. He helps her carry her oxygen tube and he always follows her around no matter where she goes. He is always looking out for his human friend.

The relationship between Alida and Mr. Gibbs is simply amazing and invaluable. Mr. Gibbs is an amazing sitter and we hope Alida continues to thrive under his care.

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