Many people forget to include their pets in their wills. So when you die, your pets are left without anyone to look after them and might have to suffer endlessly throughout their lives. However, 60 year old Clifford Herbert wasn’t going to let that happen to his dog. He had only a few more weeks left and all he wanted to do in that time was to find his dog, Baby, a loving home.

Clifford himself lost his home and his job when he was diagnosed with cancer back in 2006.

The cancer spread to his brain and doctors give him 6 more weeks. Jenine-Lacette DShazer found out about Clifford’s situation and she set up a GoFundMe account.

The funds are being used so Clifford and his pooch can stay in a hotel together.

Take a look at this touching picture:


If you can help, contact Jenine-Lacette at [email protected]

( h/t: Pet Rescue Report )

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