There are few things cuter in the world than puppies. Babies are a close contender though. They are so adorable, with their pudgy bodies and cute eyes. Both puppies and babies have the ability to make you melt to the ground. They don’t even have to do anything! Just being in the same room as them is enough to brighten up your day.

So what happens when they join forces? Over-the-top cuteness, of course! Babies and puppies playing together is one of the best things to see, and that is what heaven must look like. But they don’t even have to move to look cute together! This clip shows puppies snuggling up with a baby to sleep, and it will surely make your heart explode with happiness!


The baby is so blissfully unaware about how cute he looks! Meanwhile, one pup is cradled in his arm while the other was trying to get comfy on his leg. They are just the cutest things ever!

Check out this adorable video below:

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