Sometimes, you get to come across the funniest things even within the confines of your home! You don’t need to look far or even browse the internet to strike up some hilarious stuff! That is what happened with this baby and husky. Babies are known to babble a lot as they learn to speak. It might be a little noisy, but it is unbearably cute! The husky in this video seems to agree!

This husky was standing next to a baby. The child was in his learning stage—he didn’t know how to speak, but he was trying to. He kept babbling on and on. Perhaps the husky understood what he was trying to say, because he gave quite a response!


The husky kept howling in return! The back and forth between these two was just adorable. You can’t decide which one of them was cuter—they are both too sweet!

Check out their hilarious exchange below:

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