The poor baby seal featured in the video below got separated from his mother after a massive storm. He was unable to get back to the water on his own. Not only was he separated from mom, but he was also stranded and alone at the beach.

But that’s when a group of people stepped into the scene. They were camping on the beach when they heard the seal crying. They knew they had to do something.

Jory Clermont

So the people picked the baby up in a blanket and carried him back to the water. They released the little guy, but they weren’t ready for what he was about to do next.

Jory Clermont

Rather than swimming away, the pup went up to each of his rescuers and let them pet him. Maybe it was his way of saying thank you. He was very grateful as you can see!

Jory Clermont

The poor seal might never have made it back to the ocean if it wasn’t for these nice people. Thankfully, they were right where they needed to be!

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