Boredom is one of the worst feelings ever. Being stuck indoors all day for a long time can get on one’s nerves. People are even said to suffer from cabin fever if they have to be indoors for a long period of time. Animals and birds can feel bored too. They can exhibit boredom in all sorts of ways. They generally get destructive if they don’t get enough activity. So when your dog chew up the furniture, it is his way of saying that he’s bored.

Similarly, the cockatoo in this video, Eric, was feeling cooped up after spending a rainy day indoors. Eric loves going outside, so when he was stuck inside, he got really cranky. This bird had no problem showing he was mad, much to the dismay of his owners. Whenever Eric gets bored, he starts shouting and throwing a horrible tantrum!


On this particular day, he kept grumbling to himself. He then proceeded to pick up coins from the change mug and throw it all around the room. Despite his mom telling him not to do so, he refused to listen to her and unleashed all hell!


Temper tantrums might looks cute, but this particular cockatoo seems to have some behavioral issues. It would do the owners some good if they consulted an animal behavior specialist.\

Check out this shocking video below:

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