Dogs are incredible creatures. They have their own personalities, and it’s always fun interacting with them. They are said to have the intelligence of a three year old human baby, so can also be taught all sorts of tricks. The best part is that each dog has his own way of interpreting the command. The beagle in the following video has her own take on playing dead, and it’s hilarious.

Meet Bailey the beagle. She looks like any other beagle, but she is best known for one thing—her “Playing dead” stance! In fact, she was invited to the David Letterman show just for that!


While most dogs flip on to their backs when they play dead, Bailey had a totally different interpretation of the classic trick. Whenever her dad asks her to play dead, she goes completely limp and lifeless! Whoever taught her this trick did a very thorough job indeed!


Dogs can be a little overdramatic at times, but perhaps Bailey just takes the cake on overdramatic dogs, don’t you agree?

Check her out below:

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