Cats are probably one of the strangest creatures on the planet – not because of their appearance, but because of all their silly antics. These smart, detached little felines are full of grace and elegance. Some people believe them to be the coolest animals on earth. However, sometimes, cats act in the silliest way possible. For example, take a look at this adorable little cat featured in the video below!

This precious kitty is going to leave you in stitches for sure. When he heard some unusual noises around his house, this man decided to do some investigation. But he was quite confused when he saw what his hidden camera reveled. He decided to share this confusion to all of us, so he posted this video on YouTube.

In the video, we get to meet two of his cats. As it turns out, the strange noise he was hearing in the house was thanks to one of them. It almost seems as if the cat is bilingual! You are going to be shocked when you see how he “meows”!

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