Marine life and ecosystems are incredible. It’s hard to believe that we know more about space than we do about the creatures that dwell in our oceans. Our oceans are home to billions of organisms. Some of them are quite scary, but some tend to be really cute!

For instance, who has ever looked at an orca or a dolphin and not melted at their sight? Similarly, seals and sea lions are really cute as well. Seals are almost like the aquatic versions of dogs, don’t you think? The diver in this story had a very close encounter with a really friendly seal.


The diver guessed that he wanted something from him, but he had no clue what. After a while, the seal rolled over to show off his belly. Then the diver put two and two together—he was asking the diver to rub his belly!


Just like our canine friends, this seal wasn’t satisfied with a short belly rub. He kept asking for more! He even held the diver’s hand and directed it to his belly! Now that’s a clear message if there ever was one. It must have been quite an experience for the diver as well. Let’s just hope he didn’t run out of air!

Check them out in the video below:

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