The adorable pot-bellied pig featured below is called Bentley. He is a nine month old rescue who is a resident at an organization called EARTH Animal Sanctuary. One day, a seizure left him in a state of shock and the poor thing was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, which was potentially fatal. Vets said his chances of survival were only around 10 percent. However, Bentley shocked everyone when he fought against all odds.

The meningitis left him blind, but his courageous heart and his loving owner helped him recover. He was kept in the hospital for recuperation from his most recent surgery. However, once his injuries heal, he will go back home. His mom says that Bentley teaches her to be strong and to never to give up. He has been nothing but happy through it all.

Bentley survived the meningitis and regained his eyesight. He came home from the hospital and is now happy and healthy, and has made a complete recovery. In the video below, we can see his mom singing to him during his time at the hospital. “I sing to him to comfort him and reassure him that he is loved and that everything is going to be ok,” she says.

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