Most cats enjoy staying indoors. They might love their owner’s company, but perhaps they are not too keen on meeting too many new people all the time. But the ginger cat in this story is quite an exception. He is happiest when he is going to school and attending classes! He is so dedicated to going to school that he had his own ID Card now and has been named the official campus cat at Leland High School in San Jose, California.

This is Bubba the cat.


Bubba is really social, and has a perfect attendance record! He loves attending the classes and enjoys the company of the students.

The one special priviledge that Bubba has over the other students is that the can roam around the school freely even in class hours. All he has to do is meow!

Bubba even got a student card!


Amber Marienthal, who adopted Bubba in 2009, says that he’s very loud!

Bubba lives right behind Leland and Bret Harte Middle School. He started off as an ordinary indoor cat, but he made his family know that he wanted to visit the students in the school.

Bubba waits by the door daily for school to begin.


The students had even petitioned to get a statue in the school in his honor, but sadly that request was declined.
After the students arrive, Bubba welcomes them all and demands to be petted.


“He’s really social and has no fear”, said Marienthal.

“One teacher made the mistake of buying treats for him,” Marienthal shared. “Bubba would meow for treats,” waiting by his classroom door during class.

He even inspects the lockers!


“We’d love it if they let him do cap and gown in 2017,” she said. “That’s the group that’s been with him through Bret Harte and Leland.”

“He waits for school to start, and he doesn’t come home until all the sports are done,” Marienthal reported. That’s what keeps him happy.

Bubba waits for his favorite people to arrive.


“Today, I pick you to be my desk buddy.”


Bubba motivates the students to never miss school, and work really hard as well.


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