There are lots of different products in the market. And in order to make their brand recognized, companies often come out with advertisements. People are getting really creative when it comes to commercials nowadays. The more creative it is, the chances of customers getting interested in your product increases. The video below features an incredible commercial that is no doubt going to bring a smile to your face!

This adorable ad was created by BuzzFeed for dog food, Puppy Chow. I have already watched it so many times before, but I still like it as much as I did the first time around! If you are new pet owner, I am pretty sure you will be able to relate to this!

A man hears a tiny squeal while casually surfing down the streets. The sound makes him stop in his tracks. When he started looking around, he spotted his future best friend for the very first time. As soon as he saw the little pooch, he decided to bring her home. But he had no idea his life was going to change so dramatically! Wait till you see this!

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