There are moments when we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Napping, or staying in bed until the day turns into night is sometimes the best thing ever. Sometimes we all need to recharge, and dozing off is the best way to do so. The elephant calf in the following video knows this is true! He’s not even that old, yet he seems to have learned this wisdom!

This calf from Prague Zoo was dozing away in the sun. He seemed totally blissed out, and had no care in the world. Meanwhile, his mom was feeling anxious. She wanted to wake him up, but she didn’t want to be too rough. She kept circling around him, not sure how to rouse him. Perhaps it was a mother’s overwhelming love—she didn’t want to disturb him, but also knew she had to wake him up.


Meanwhile, the keepers realized her dilemma. They saved her the trouble, by stepping in to wake up the calf themselves. After being roused, the calf didn’t seem to mind much. He happily trotted along with mom!

Check out the amazing video below:

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