It is an indisputable fact that baby animals are much cuter than their adult versions. They are smaller, rounder, fluffier—just everything that makes for a cute critter. Baby elephants are some of the cutest on the planet! They are adorably clumsy, and the following video is proof of it.

This video was taken at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is home to many elephants, so you’re bound to come across some baby ones. This particular calf wasn’t afraid of the camera—instead, he seemed to be drawn by it!


He kept doing all this adorable antics for the camera, like running on the paddock, doing a little dance, and even posing with a log! But the little guy did get a little carried away by the posing, and ended up being stuck for a while.


Despite all his clumsiness, there is no doubt that this little critter is as cute as they come! He has still so much to learn, but his playful nature will make it an enjoyable experience indeed!

Check out his cute antics below:

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