Animals have a sort of magic that you can’t compare to anything. Just being in their presence can be so relaxing. When you get home after a long day at work, just cuddling with your cat or dog can make all the stress go away. It’s not just adults who seem to enjoy their company. Even babies sense their soothing presence.

Baby Connar was being really fussy. He kept crying out for no reason at all. Meanwhile, his cat Stewie kept a very close eye on him.


After the crying didn’t stop, Stewie took matters into his own paws—quite literally! He began stroking the baby’s head slowly. As if by magic, the little kid immediately fell quiet!


With the cat’s paw on his head, the little guy was calm and immediately fell fast asleep! Perhaps the cat was sending soothing vibes to the baby through his body language. Either way, it really worked. This is almost magical, isn’t it?

Check out their full interaction below:

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