Cats are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom. They are perfectly built killing machines. They are really nimble on their feet, and their whiskers make it easier for them to feel around their surroundings. Lightning fast reflexes also help them capture prey easily. Combined with sharp weapons including their teeth and claws, there is no stopping these hunters!

The cat in this video was caught doing something unbelievable. He appeared to be relaxing by the sea, calmly looking at the waves. But then something catches his eye. He slowly makes his way to the edge of the ocean and looks out. Cats hate water, so there was no chance he would be slipping in, yet he seemed really interested in the waves.

His eyes never lost focus. After while of gazing into the ocean, the cat suddenly springs out! He ended up catching a fish straight out of the water! He make it look so effortless, and on top of that, he looked like he barely even got water on himself. Now this is one expert hunter.


Jaguars, wild cousins of the common cat, are known to be great aquatic hunters. But this kitty proved that with enough determination and skill, even they can be really incredible predators!

Check out the amazing catch below:

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