Hope for Paws is one of the most incredible animal rescue organizations you are ever going to come across. They have rescued so many helpless animals over the course of time. Their main aim is to aid and rescue those suffering in the streets or in the shelters. So far, they have set an incredible example to everyone in the world.
The video below features one of their most recent rescues. You are going to be touched when you see how they rescued this mama cat and her tiny litter. When they got a call about the homeless family, they immediately went to the scene. However, they quickly realized that it was going to be a tough rescue. The kittens were hiding inside a very confined area and were really hard to reach. But the rescuers didn’t give up.


Eldad Hagar, the inspirational man who founded Hope for Paws, went inside the tiny space to rescue the litter. The kittens were suffering from infection and one of them couldn’t even see because of it. But he successfully managed to retrieve them all. Then they caught the mama cat as well. They drove all of them to safety and now they are awaiting adoption.

Check out this wonderful rescue below!

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