Horses are some of the most majestic animals on the planet. These tall, muscular beasts are a sight to behold indeed. But when it comes to being a boss, size certainly doesn’t matter. Just ask Charlie, the miniature horse. He is really small, even for a miniature horse. But that doesn’t stop him from showing off his incredible attitude!


Charlie seems to love the camera, and turns into a star every time a lens is on him. He runs around and zooms around in the paddock like lightning! Meanwhile, the other horses don’t seem to want to join him. For an animal so small, he sure is a firecracker!

While Charlie might be a star for the camera, he does have his off-camera moments. For instance, he loves having his backside scratched! The camera caught him enjoying a scratch, and look at his blissed out face!


Call him tiny, but you can’t deny that Charlie has a big personality! If you love horses, you are surely going to love his antics!

Check out this cute horse below:

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