More and more circuses and traveling animal shows are going out of business and shutting down around the world due to the outcry against how the animals are treated in these shows. In Colombia and Peru, in South America, circus animals are illegal, but sometimes traveling shows can be difficult for authorities to stop and seize the animals.


One traveling circus was successfully shut down by authorities who were working Animal Defenders International, and 33 lions were rescued! It took 18 months to get the circus shut down and get the animals freed from their confinement, but they were finally rescued along with dozens of other animals. I love hearing that good news!


These lions had spent all or nearly all of their lives in terrible conditions. When they weren’t having to perform or being subject to abusive training, they were in cramped, dirty conditions. When they were rescued, they had clearly been abused and were suffering from severe malnutrition. The lions had been declawed, and many of them had their teeth intentionally broken.


It was clear that the lions would never be able to be set free to survive in the wild, so ADI had to find a sanctuary able to take the lions. Fortunately, the cats will be heading to Vaalwater, South Africa.

The Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary is located in Vaalwater, and they are able to make a home for all 33 rescued lions! Here they can finally roam and have freedom to act like the majestic cats they are meant to be!

Watch the videos to see these beautiful lions.

They are amazing!

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