Dogs are pack creatures, and they get along with other dogs wonderfully. They might have the few occasional disputes, but again, no family is totally conflict-free. When we have arguments, we tend to nag each other until we reach a stalemate or the other side finally gives in. Dogs have their own way of settling arguments too. Usually, one dog asserts his dominance over the other, but it some cases, disputes are settled in a more hilarious manner.

In this case, two corgis were having an argument. The older one was barking at the younger pup, perhaps telling him to obey his elders. The tiny puppy wasn’t having any of it. He kept barking back and in his own way, sticking it up to the man.


But this puppy had another trick up his sleeve. When the older dog wouldn’t stop nagging him, the corgi pup turned around and let out a huge fart right on the bigger dog’s nose! The look of shock on his face is worth a watch!

Check out this hilarious clip below:

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