Every mother loves their baby more than anything in the world. There is nothing they love more than their kids, and nothing that they cherish and value more. The maternal instinct is said to be one of the strongest feelings in the world. When anything happens to their baby, a mother’s heart is totally devastated.

The cow in this video illustrated this perfectly. Karma was rescued and brought into a sanctuary. But her previous owners refused to let anyone know she had had a baby. After bringing her into the sanctuary, Karma began showing signs of distress. She kept calling out to her baby, and kept letting out milk.

Thankfully, the kind people managed to get their hands on the baby. After bringing him to Karma, she was overcome with joy. The poor calf was collapsing due to stress and hunger, but thankfully, all ended well for this mama and her baby.

A cow’s maternal instinct is apparently the same as humans, so it’s no wonder that this cow was so worried about her baby!

Check out their emotional reunion below:

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