If you have a dog, you know how they get when they see any food nearby. They can’t help but look at your food and beg for some of it! The more disciplined ones don’t do this, but the average pooch always does the same thing when they see any food around. The scene shown in the following video must be familiar to every dog owner!

The man was just trying to eat his sandwich in peace. But that is almost impossible, when you have three dogs in the house! One of the Great Danes named Linda kept barking at the guy. She didn’t want to hear him try to explain anything. She had her eyes on the sandwich, and wasn’t afraid of asking for it.


Influenced by Linda’s behavior, the other Great Dane joined in to bargain with dad. Both of them had their eyes on the prize. Linda kept barking and trying to talk dad into letting her eat some. He had already given them their share, which they hadn’t eaten, but as soon as dad started eating his share, they wanted some of it! Don’t they remind you of little children?

Check out their hilarious antics below:

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