Dogs can add a lot of fun and laughter into your life. You can never tell how or when they might do something really funny. They can take up something really ordinary and do the most hilarious things with it! For instance, you might have seen how crazy some dogs become every time they see sprinklers in the yard! There are other things in the backyard that can amuse them. The pooch in this story discovered something incredible indeed.

This Great Dane dog must have recently discovered the joys of jumping on a trampoline. He had come across the huge trampoline on his backyard, and must have discovered what it was used for. All dogs are playful to some degree, but this Great Dane really took it to another level—quite literally!


He kept jumping on the bouncy trampoline. Every time he jumped, he popped up above the fence! It seemed like the dog kept jumping to look at his neighbor on the other side of the fence, who was filming him. It was a hilarious sight indeed—the dog’s ears were flying all over the place! While Great Danes are some of the biggest and tallest dogs on the planet, this particular pooch found an even better way to peep across fences!

Check out his hilarious antics below:

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