It is a well-known fact that dogs can be trained to do almost anything! They are naturally very smart and obedient, and this trait can be used to get them trained to sniff out bombs, drugs and even cancerous tumors! Cats, on the other hand, aren’t usually trained, because many people have a misconception that they can’t be trained. But it’s not impossible!

Didga the cat really stands out from the rest. Her owner wanted to prove that cats can be trained just as well as any dog. This video shows how he got it done. Didga sat next to two Rottweiler dogs. Then the trio follows their owner’s commands without breaking a sweat!


Didga performed well just like the other dogs. The man who trained her focuses on consistent training with positive reinforcement and a lot of love. With that, even cats can follow your commands!

Check out their incredible session below:

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