Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures. Their behavior has fascinated academics as well as the general public. They share so many similarities with us—from living in large social groups, communicating through sound and requiring oxygen! While they may be really adorable, keeping dolphins in tanks and making them jump through hoops is really unethical. If you want to see them, you need to go to them instead.

This is exactly what this team of people did. They had gone to sea and taken their dogs with them. The two dogs were looking over the edge of the boat, where they spotted some dolphins. That is when the most amazing moment happened!

A dolphin surfaced from the water and looked at the dog. The dog had also locked eyes with the dolphin. The dolphin leaned in, and that’s when the dog gave him a big smooch! The dog didn’t hesitate at all, and the dolphin didn’t mind. In fact, he was so happy that after going back in the water, he jumped up with happiness!


It’s amazing to watch interspecies love between animals. They show that anything is possible with a little bit of love!

Check out their incredible encounter:

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