Dogs are great additions to any family. They are so loyal to their families, and also get along really well with children too. They are known to even look after children! For instance, the same pit bulls that have been demonized now for being aggressive used to be “Nanny dogs” in the past because of their affinity towards children!

Apart from some breeds, most dogs seem to understand that a baby is sensitive and needs to be handled carefully. The pooch in the following video is already doing a great job of babysitting! The little pooch was sitting next to a baby. Suddenly, the baby began crying. As soon as he heard the first cry, the dog knew just what to do.


The pooch started howling along after hearing the baby cry. The howl sounded loud enough to overpower the baby’s voice, yet amusing enough to distract the baby! The baby seemed fascinated by the howling, and immediately became quiet. What an incredible way of making a crying baby stop!

Check out the hilarious video below:

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