True love knows no bounds. It can happen between any two individuals, no matter how unlikely a pair they seem to be. Usually, cats and dogs are said to be enemies, but the one in this story were quite the opposite!

This story of love is as strange as it is heartwarming. A dog used to sit by the window, and he made it a point to look at the neighbor’s cat every single day. He did this every day for 6 months, but sadly, his view was blocked by the neighbor’s potted plants. The poor dog was heartbroken after this happened. It was so severe that his owner was compelled to write a note to the neighbor about it!


True love conquers all, and happened here as well. The kind neighbors removed the potted plants so the kitty could sit by the window and the dog could finally see his love again. They even wrote a note and stuck it above the cat—it said “For true love”. Isn’t that sweet?

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