Adapting to a new home and surrounding can be pretty tough for anyone. When you have to interact with people you don’t know, it can be confusing as well as scary to some. And this is true for humans as well as our animal friends. You can never expect a pet to adjust to a new situation straight away. And this family learnt that the hard way.

The family had recently adopted their new pooch from an animal shelter. He loved them and they loved him too. He was a great fit.

The family would take him on walks and play with him, but there was a single issue. When his human parents would go to bed, the pooch would appear at their bedside and stare at them until they fell asleep. When they woke up, he would be there, still staring at them.

They had no idea why he wasn’t sleeping, so they took him to the vet for a checkup. They were told that there was nothing wrong and the pooch was perfectly healthy.

Since nothing explained the odd behavior, they decided to visit the shelter they had adopted him from to learn about their new family members’ back story.

As it turns out, one night, the dog’s previous owner waited for the dog to fall asleep after he sedated him. He then carried the pooch to the animal shelter and left him there. He woke up and never saw his owner again. He was heartbroken.

The family was so touched by their dog’s story that they went home and put his bed right next to theirs. They wanted to show him that he belonged with them, and that he could sleep all he wanted. He had nothing to worry about now.

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