Just because an animal cannot speak doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have any feelings. They can feel happiness and pain just like us. If they’ve been through a bad experience before, they will remember it forever and always be wary of it. Just like people, they can be traumatized by distressing events. This is why it is so difficult sometimes to earn the trust of an abused dog after rescuing him.

Edie is a perfect example. This dog had been neglected, with huge clumps of matted fur all over her body. Because of her behavior and appearance, nobody wanted to adopt her. In fact, she was scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully, Hope For Paws came to the rescue right in the nick of time. They refused to give up on her, and it was the right decision indeed.

When they approached her, she was shaking like a leaf. She was so scared, and because of her fear, refused to let anybody near her. She ran into a corner and even excreted a little when the rescuer tried to get close to her. After a bit of struggle, he finally put a leash on her, and her attitude immediately changes.


She seemed to sense that he meant her no harm, as she instantly jumped on his lap after that. It was really hard to earn her trust, but in the end, she did learn to trust and love again. This shows that no matter how unsocial or unadoptable a dog might seem, they can always surprise you if you give them the chance.

Check out her incredible transformation below:

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