It’s so easy for us to get attached to our pets and vice versa. The attachment can be so strong that they can face separation anxiety if they stay away from their owners for a long time. Pets love being cuddled and scratched—our cats and dogs show off just how they love it! The filly in this video also feels the same way about scratched—she can’t get enough of them!

This filly loves being showered with attention. Like any animal with fur, she enjoys being scratched. But she had a very strange yet funny preference—she loved being scratched on her backside!


It was a pretty hilarious scene indeed—the filly demanded the man to continue scratching every time he stopped. At one point, she actually chases after him and even gives him a little kick. Looks like this little one is obsessed with him! Once he resumed scratching, a look of pure relief and happiness came across her face!


Has any animal ever approached you like this?

Check out this obsessive filly below:

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