Hybrid animals are very rare, however, they are also very fascinating. The video below features one of these amazing creatures. She is a geep. Some of you might already know what geeps are, but for those of you who don’t, you are in for a pleasant surprise! This little girl has become quite huge on the internet and for all the right reasons too!

A female sheep got loose and ended up mating with a male goat. Since sheep and goats are similar in so many ways, this wasn’t really a surprise to many. But their child definitely was. The creature that mama sheep gave birth to left many bewildered. A goat-sheep hybrid is often referred to as “geep” or “shoat”.

Meet Butterfly. This adorable girl lives in a petting zoo in Arizona and has the characteristics of both of her parents. Her face and feet resembles that of a goat, while her body is covered in wool coat. Pretty cool, right? Geep is a rare species which was first document in 2000.

Watch this rare yet adorable creature below and feel free to share what you thought about it the comments!

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