Dogs are a gift to mankind. These beautiful creatures are loyal to a fault and are some of the most affectionate animals on the planet. They are not only adorable to look at, but they can entertain you for hours on end. Not to mention, you can never really be bored when you are with them. They provide you with the best company, don’t they?

Dogs deserve nothing but love, but sadly, not all dogs are lucky enough for that. Many of our canine friends end up without a home because of the carelessness and negligence of their so-called owners. Even if they end up in the shelter, some of them don’t get out alive. Not all shelters are great, and high-kill ones don’t think twice before euthanizing dogs that don’t get adopted on time.

The video below features a shelter dog that is going to melt you down. She is called Ginger Rogers and she is a special little girl. She starts dancing whenever she sees someone walk by her cage. According to Orange County Animal Services, Ginger has been adopted recently. Who could resist that precious personality!

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