Children are so new to the world. They learn something new every single day, and it’s wonderful to see them learn and grow. There are things that their parents have to teach them, and things that they come to know on their own. While learning is fun, sometimes it can be a little intimidating as well as shocking! The little boy in the following video came to learn more about bodily functions in an unexpected way.

The little boy was at a petting zoo. Now petting zoos seem like the most harmless place in the world, and for the most part, they are. Little Asher was enjoying himself, brushing a cute goat. But little did he know that his world was about to change forever! As he was brushing the goat, it let out a huge fart!


It is safe to say that the little boy had the living daylights scared out of him! He jumped at the sudden sound, and even let out a scream! The poor guy must not have expected it at all. Who can blame him? The last thing we usually associate farm animals is with farting! Well, the little boy must have learned something new that day—that animals need to pass air too!

Check out this hilarious moment below:

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