It’s not only humans who enjoy listening to music. Dogs seem to have a sort of appreciation for music as well. When you play instruments around them, sometimes they want to join in too by howling or singing along. The pooch in this story, however, looks like he has an ear for some catchy hip-hop music.

This cute German Shepherd heard Flo Rida’s hit song, “Low”, playing on the car radio. If you have watched the sequel of the hit movie, “Step Up”, you know how big this song was back in 2008. So when the song came on the radio, this pooch did something incredible!


He ended up moving his ears exactly to the rhythm of the music! His ears never miss a beat. While it might have been controlled by his owner from the back seat, this is quite an adorable sight indeed! Has your dog ever done anything like this before?

Check out this hilarious video below:

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