Dogs can crack us up in the most hilarious ways. They are so sweet and innocent at times that you can’t help but laugh out loud. It is no secret that they fart, and their gassiness can sometimes have some hilarious consequences. The German Shepherd in this video, Lucy, was surprised by her own fart!

Her mom was filming Lucy. She was chilling out on the couch, and looked like she hadn’t a care in a world.


Moments later, the silence in the room is broken by a long fart from Lucy. But she ends up looking the most surprised—it was almost as though she had no idea where the noise was coming from! The look of surprise on her face is hysterical.


The odor must also have caught her by surprise. Moments after she farts , Lucy jumps out of the couch! This change in her mood cracks her mom up. Perhaps this cute dog needs to get more used to the surprises her rear end throws at her!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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