There are many homeless dogs in the world. Most of them don’t get the life that they deserve. They are forced to stay on the streets without any love or proper care. Unfortunately, some cruel people think it is okay to abuse them just because they are strays.

When this Chinese man from Chongqing returned home one day, he decided it would be fun to kick a homeless pooch. But the man was in for a huge surprise. The kick hurt the poor dog physically, but it also left a big impact on his mind. You are going to be shocked when you see what the dog did next.

It all started when the man saw the stray dog resting on his reserved parking space. Instead of shooing him in a polite way, the man kicked him. When his neighbor went to the parking lot a few minutes later, he saw a few dogs, along with the dog the man kicked, destroying the heartless man’s car.


The dog had come back after a while with his pack and took revenge on the man by attacking his car. The pack pounced on it with their sharp teeth and even caused damage to the windshield wipers and wheel arches.


I think the man got what he deserved! What do you think?


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What do you think?