Dogs are one of the best creatures in the world. They are loving, affectionate, loyal, and quite entertaining as well. Always full of energy, these precious critters can bring a smile to your face without really trying. There are lots of incredible breeds of dogs on the planet. Poodle is one of them. The video below features a special poodle who is going to steal your heart without a doubt!

Meet Hope. This little girl was born with dwarfism and she is the smallest dog in the world! According to the vet, she will be lucky to weigh 13 ounces one day! Usually, puppies that are born with dwarfism don’t really make it past 48 hours. But tiny Hope is a fighter and she has managed to survive.

The tiny poodle weighed 31 grams at birth and now she is over 4 months old, weighing 11 ounces. The world record 2 lbs., the veterinarians says she will definitely weigh a bit more with time. Wait till you see this cutie for yourself! You are going to melt without a doubt!

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