Horses are wonderful animals. They’ve lived and worked alongside humans for centuries, and are really attuned to their emotions as well. They make sensitive and loyal companions. Horses seem to sense what sort of mood you’re in too! Some of them are even great with children. The one in the following video certainly is!

This little toddler was really excited about the horse. She waddled towards the horse and grabbed the reins. Meanwhile, the horse seemed to understand what was going on and played along with it. The tiny girl led the giant horse through a snowy path, and the horse didn’t mind at all. In fact, he was really patient with the baby, adjusting his pace to match her.

You can tell that this little girl is already really keen on horses! She’s lucky to be living in a farm, as she will be able to observe and interact with them closely. Early experiences really affect how a child thinks about things, and since her early experience with horses have been so positive, she will surely love them later!


Check out their incredible interaction below:

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