It’s no secret that most domesticated animals can do anything for a treat. Their love for treats is so great that they can even be trained and conditioned using food as a reward. Budweiser have a great record of making some wonderful advertisements, and for this one, they got their idea from animals and their love for a good treat.

It starts off with a man telling his Dalmatian to fetch a stick. In return, he would be rewarded with a treat. Sure enough, the Dalmatian does what he is told.


The whole thing was being observed by a Clydesdale horse. He wanted some treats too! That’s when he came up with a genius plan. He decided to “play fetch” himself, but took it a little too seriously. He ended up bringing back a huge branch! He drops it in front of his owner, who proceeds to call him a show-off!


You have to admit that the horse was a little cheeky though! Despite that, you can’t help but adore him!

Check out this cute video below:

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