Dogs are incredibly smart critters. They can learn how their surroundings work by just observing it. For instance, after seeing you come home at a certain time, they figure out the secrets of the world around them. Sometimes, they can outwit their owners in the most incredible way!

When her owner found her she was getting into the fridge, a camera was set up to film 12-year-old Allie. The yellow lab was really clever. She waited until her owner was gone before going totally nuts! She started out by tipping over the garbage can.


After getting all the goodies from inside, she then opened up the bottom half of the freezer. Without a second though, she picked up a package from inside and went her way! And that wasn’t enough—she did that a few more times.


Once she had stripped the bottom half, she somehow opened up the top bit too! She must have observed her dad do it a million times before. It was like child’s play to her, and she raided the fridge the best she could.


When dad came home later, he was surely in for a shock! Since he had the footage of the crime now, perhaps he’ll do something to prevent it.

Check out the whole video below:

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