Cats are usually very content with being indoors. They might be amazing hunters, but they also love comfort. They sleep for over 12 hours in a day, and this makes them ideal for indoor living. Despite that, some time outdoors can really do them good. Cat owners need to be really careful about letting them out though, as many dangers might befall them in the form of birds of prey or other predators. They can also lose their way home.

That is why the family in the following video made an ingenious outdoor space for their cats. A bridge was built from the house to an enclosed pen outside. The cats could access the area from the bridge, and they were pretty quick to try it out! Look at them walking in line!


It’s safe to say that they really loved their new play area. This was a very thoughtful gesture in the owner’s part. This addition must have been great for the cats’ stimiulation!

Check out the amazing clip below:

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