Hope For Paws has been saving dogs in need ever since they were formed. They take on the direst of cases, and give hope to those dogs who don’t have anybody else to look on to. This story is about a dog name Leesa. She was bleeding, and the good people from Hope For Paws went to the scene immediately.

Initially, Leesa was very wary and shy. She kept to herself and stayed under a car. It took some time to gain her trust, but once she trusted the rescuer, she showed she was a very sweet dog indeed. They ended up cuddling, and Leesa even blew him a few kisses!


Once she was ready to follow him, she was immediately taken for treatment. A mammary lump had ruptured, and it left a large wound. This happens when dogs are not spayed. Leesa was treated and spayed, then taken into her foster home.

She has healed wonderfully, and she has showed her foster parents how delightfully playful and cheery she is! Look at her running around without a care in the world!


This shows how a little love and patience can go a long way in rescuing an innocent soul like Leesa.

Check out this amazing rescue below:

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