When you decide to get a pet for your home, you must be ready for the responsibility that comes with having them. They totally depend on you, and you shouldn’t abuse their trust in any way. Sadly, many people don’t realize this. They don’t see their pets as beings that feel emotions just like us. They see them as toys, and it’s heartbreaking to hear about the neglect and abuse the pets of such people face.

Liska was also one of those animals who had been neglected for ages. She had been kept in a cage for so long that it had grown rusty. It had become so bad that she had almost lost the use of her legs. When rescuers came to take her, the owner was so angry and reluctant to let the dog go that they had to call the police.

Thankfully, Liszka was rescued, and this is how she reacted after being freed.

She was so happy to be able to move out of her cage. Her legs hadn’t healed completely yet, but Liszka’s joy of being free overshadowed the fact that her legs weren’t moving properly. It must have been the first time she felt grass under her feet in her entire life!

No animal should have to go through what Liszka went through. If you’re not ready to take full responsibility of your pet, it is better to get one only after you’re ready.

Check out her amazing reaction below:

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