Working with animals can be really challenging, but it can also be a very rewarding experience. Connecting with a creature that cannot speak, and deciphering their moods and emotions through feelings alone is quite amazing indeed. People who have achieved a certain level of closeness with animals seem almost superhuman, like the man in the following video.

Lorenzo is a French equestrian artist. He is often called “The Flying Horseman”. His one-of-a-kind routines have wowed millions of people across the world. While most of us aren’t comfortable to even get one a horse, Lorenzo does the unthinkable with them.


Here, Lorenzo shows off some of his most iconic moves. Along with his beautiful horses, this was shot at Camargue, South of France. This aerial shoot was aptly named “Eyes In Air”—the angle shows us things that we may have otherwise missed from a normal perspective.


It’s hard to imagine how long it must have taken him to earn the horses’ trust and train them like that. But the end result is truly breathtaking, isn’t it?

Check out his incredible performance below:

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