I think dogs are the coolest creatures on the planet. They are very loyal and they provide you with the best of company. They give you lots of love and all they want from you is love in return! You could call them kids that don’t really grow up. They have many resemblances to young humans. Similar to kids, dogs can be quite stubborn sometimes. Just take a look at Luna for example!

If you have raised a young one, you probably know fussy they can be when it comes to things like food and bedtime. And Luna shows us that dogs aren’t that different. This Golden retriever is a very picky eater. Unlike most dogs, Luna doesn’t eat everything that her owner gives her. She only wants food that has been in the oven! Even dry food! Can you believe that?

But luckily for her owner, he has finally found out how to make her eat her food. All he does is “cook” Luna’s dry food. He just puts it in the oven without starting it, and it works like a charm against his gullible little girl.

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