When you have dogs in the house, thinks are bound to take some unexpected and hilarious turns sometimes. Dogs are just like kids in many ways, and might cause chaos even with the best intentions. This is best illustrated by two beagles, Maymo and Penny. In his attempts to help around the house, Maymo ends up causing more damage instead!

Maymo wants to help with vacuuming the carpet, but ends up barking at it instead. The helpful dog even makes sure there are 1000 sheets in a toilet paper roll by unraveling it all and making a mess. He is also known for clearing the table after a party, quite literally indeed! The owners had created large cards to shame them, and each one is as hilarious as the next!


The cute beagle also loves playing with children, but their playtime often ends up with Maymo trampling over the child and stealing her toy to play for him! Maymo seems to be against kids having toys, as he and Penny teams up to chew the faces off stuffed animals that their owners have set aside to donate! The owners might be pretty tired with their antics, but they have found a fun way to recycle the chewed up toys!


No matter how mischievous these pooches might be, you can’t help but love them!

Check them out in action below:

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