Dogs can react very differently to new things around them. While living with humans, they come across all sorts of surprising things. For instance, dogs have very different reactions to the music we listen to. You might have seen dogs on the internet and their hilarious responses to their owners singing a song or playing an instrument. Some love it, some hate it, while others even try to join along with the music!

The pooch in this video falls into the latter category. Neighbors of his owners complained to him that his dog was making too much noise all day when he was alone. That is when the owners decided to rig up a hidden camera to see what their dog did all day to create such a commotion. What they caught on tape was hilarious indeed.


The fluffy pooch had a knack for music! He would hop on to the piano stool, then play the piano keys. As soon as he heard the notes, he would try to sing along. He doesn’t really sing in key, but you have to give him credit for trying! This guy must really love his classical music. The neighbors can be mad, but after seeing this, perhaps they weren’t as angry!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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