The average lifespan of a cat in the wild is 4-5 years. But with advancements in nutrition as well as healthcare, domestic cats can live up to 15 years on average these days. That is good news for cat lovers everywhere indeed. The cat in this story, however, has defied all odds.

Nutmeg the cat is 31 year old, and he is still going strong.

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He chose his owners by himself 26 years ago, and has surprised everyone with his unusually long life. The senior cat is deaf in one year, and has only three teeth left. But he is still strong as ever—in fact, he managed to overcome a serious illness. And the best part is, he is not ready to bite the dust just yet.

When his owners came across him, he was very thin and had a lump on this neck. He has recovered since then and lived a long and happy life with them.


The vets estimated Nutmeg’s age to be 5 years, judging from the state of his teeth. That was 26 years ago, so that makes Nutmeg over 30 years old! He has always remained loyal and loving towards his owners.


He made his owners panic a little last year when he had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, his vet Dr. Laura Gillis and her team nursed him back to health. He is alright now, and his owners say he is still as grouchy as when they first met him.

After spending two decades with the cat, the couple loves him with all their heart. They say the secret to his long life is the mutual love and respect they have for each other.

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While the current Guinness record holder for Oldest Living Cat is 30-year-old Scooter, Nutmeg is a prime contender for the title now. They recently celebrated his 31st birthday, and even Dr. Gillis was in tow at the celebrations.

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If his age were to be counted in human years, Nutmeg would be 141 years old now.

Check out what his owner has to say about him:

His age definitely shows on his face, but he seems perfectly content with it. Let’s hope he lives even longer!

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